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Ear Microsuction

We are delighted to introduce this service to the Northern Illawarra. Microsuction is an ear wax cleaning technique using a high powered binocular microscope and a gentle suction device. It is the same technique used by Ear, Nose and Throat specialists and is safer and usually superior to other methods such as water syringing (somewhat higher risks of ear drum trauma and ear infections) and ear candling (little or no evidence of any effect).


A disposable speculum (the same as when the doctor usually examines your ears) is inserted into your ear canal. The nurse and/or doctor examines the ear canal and ear drum through the microscope. A suction tube is put gently into the ear canal and ear wax and debris is suctioned out under direct view until you have a clean ear. Occasionally a fine disposable wax hook may be used to remove stubborn wax with direct vision from the microscope. There are also indivudal cases where ear irragation may be the preferred method of ear toilet.

Before microsuction of the ear

You may be asked to use drops for several days beforehand, this can make the treatment easier for you. 

During the procedure of microsuction of the ear

You do need to sit quite still. Despite all our efforts to be as gentle as possible, it will be noisy and occasionally may be a little uncomfortable. It rarely causes some short lived vertigo (dizziness), lasting no more than a minute or so.

Who is suitable for the procedure?

Anyone who needs their ears cleaned and is able to sit still is able to have ear microsuction (it is unsuitable for children under about 7 or 8). It is particularly good for 'Surfers Ear'. Hearing aid users ideally should have wax removed every 4-6 months. Patients who are visitors to the practice are very welcome to attend. 

Who performs the procedure?

All of our wonderful nurses and five of our doctors are trained to perform this procedure. If you have any problem other than ear wax you will need an appointment with the doctor. Either way a doctor will always check your ear/s at your appointment.


For wax removal only with our practice nurse this service is fully bulk billed. For bookings with the doctors a private consultation fee will apply. 

Bulk Billed Ear Microsuction Clinic

On Thursday afternoons Dr Peter Striegl runs an Ear Microsuction Clinic for ear wax removal. This is bulk billed for all patients including visitors/new patients to the practice (a private consultation fee will apply for a service other than ear wax removal).

Making an appointment

This appointment can be made by phone or by choosing the appointment type 'ear microsuction one or two ears' via our website or the Appointuit app. If you would like to make an appointment in the bulk billed clinic choose 'ear microsuction bulk billed clinic 1 or 2 ears' via our website or the Appointuit app. 

General Practitioners with Special Interest in Ear Microsuction: