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Weight Management Clinic 


We are delighted to introduce a weight management programme to Woonona Medical practice in February 2019. This will be run primarily by Dr Christina Dargham who has a special interest in weight management and medication use in obesity. This is NOT a quick fix programme: the goals will include steady maintainable weight loss. In general we would define success as a weight loss of 5-10% decrease in weight maintained for 2 years with associated positive physical and mental health outcomes. Some individuals may lose significantly more weight.

Research into, and our understanding of overweight and obesity has progressed significantly over the last decade, and obesity is now widely recognised to be a chronic, relapsing and progressive disease process. Obesity can be defined as the excess accumulation of body fat, affecting the health of the individual. Importantly, obesity is often linked to a range of other diseases including diabetes, heart disease and even cancers.


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Visitors to the practice are welcome to this service. Your usual GP will receive communication.

At Woonona Medical Practice we have a team of dedicated health professionals working with a multifaceted approach to help guide you towards your weight management goals. All patients will see Dr Christina Dargham and dietitian and personal trainer Malcolm Gibbs. Appointments with Sally Peloquin (psychologist), Dr Gary Yee (bariatric surgeon), Dr Mahala Buckley (integrative medicine) or Dr Vanita Toogood (endocrinologist) may be required depending on individual circumstances.

You are entitled to an obligation-free initial short consultation with Dr Dargham. This is a chance to determine if the programme will be suitable and affordable for you. (No out of pocket costs apply for this appointment only). Not suitable for children.


  1. If the programme is likely to be suitable for you, you will be given a Woonona Medical Weight Management information kit including costs, appointment details and some questionnaires for you to complete before commencement.
  2. You’ll then have your first consult with our dietitian Malcolm Gibbs, which will take approximately 30 minutes and will cost $70.
  3. Your first consult with Dr Christina Dargham will be a few days later lasting 45 minutes at a cost of $146 (you will usually receive a Medicare rebate of $107).

Taking into account the dietitian's assessment, she will record a detailed history together with you to develop a programme, goals and ongoing plan. This may include consultations with Sally Peloquin (psychologist), Dr Gary Yee (bariatric surgeon), Dr Vanita Toogood (endocrinologist) or Dr Mahala Buckley (integrative medicine). Private fees will usually apply.  In some patients, adjunct medication may be considered appropriate along with lifestyle changes.

  1. Patients on the programme will require long term follow up with regular standard appointments with Dr Dargham usually costing $76 (with a rebate of $37) and our lovely nursing staff. Dietitian follow-up will be necessary for all patients and will be arranged depending on your individual circumstances. 

Weight Management Clinic Health Care Team: