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Wheel of Awareness and Nature of Mind meditation course

Based on psychiatrist and researcher Dan Siegel's concepts, this is suitable for health professionals, beginners to meditation and also will add a new dimension for those who have done MBSR , MSC and MiCBT (Click here)

Wheel meditation short explanation Adele 


This course is run from time to time on a Tuesday or Saturday. Each 1.5 hour session includes a 30 min audiovisual, some optional mindful movement, group discussion and a guided meditation. You will gain most out of the course by attending all sessions and committing to 20-25 minutes meditation daily. Adele is happy for you to try out the first session before committing. Cost is by donation - the suggestion is to pay what you think the course is worth within your means


Course outline:


Session 1: Awareness, the scientific benefits of mindfulness, intro to Wheel of awareness meditation.


Session 2: The nature of mind as a complex system, intro to mind training, Wheel of awareness meditation (in every session).


Session 3: Exploring the Wheel of awareness, interconnection, empathy and compassion. 


Session 4: Neuroscience, the brain and the mind.


Session 5 (2 hours): The nature of energy & the mind. The plane of possibility. A touch of quantum physics!


To donate:

EFT: BSB 062624 Account number 10455489 or Paypal or Credit card $50 option or Credit card $100 option 

Donations go towards subsidising the formal, more expensive meditation courses such as MBSR, MSC and MiCBT. 

To be kept informed on future courses:

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Resources for course participants Mar/Apr 2022:

For videos of the sessions already completed please see WhatsApp or contact Adele directly for the password to open the links. Other links are freely accessible for anyone. 

Wheel session video week 1 2022

Wheel session video week 2 2022

Wheel session video week 3 2022

Wheel session video week 4 2022

Wheel session video week 5 2022

Week 1 basic Wheel of Awareness meditation Adele 20 minutes

Week 2 Wheel meditation 2002 Adele 22 minutes

Week 2 basic Wheel of Awareness meditation Adele 23 minutes

Week 3 full Wheel meditation 2022 Adele 20 minutes

Week 3 full Wheel of Awareness meditation Adele 27 minutes

Week 4 full Wheel of Awareness meditation with extra talking Adele 26 minutes

Week 4 full Wheel of Awareness meditation with no extra talking Adele 22 minutes

Week 5 Wheel of Awareness meditation with focus on the Plane of Possibility Adele 15 minutes

Extra "Wheel without the wheel meditation" Adele 30minutes

Short basic Wheel of Awareness meditation Adele 13 minutes

Integrative mindful movements (30 min video) Adele

Integrative mindful movements (13 min video) Adele

The Wheel of Awareness Like Mind, Like Body podcast & simple Wheel explanation

Dan Siegels home page: Wheel of Awareness diagram and meditation audios

The Pain Experience is emergent not linear (7 min video): excerpt from Adele's Explain Pain modules 



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3. Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence by Daniel J Siegel, MD Published August 21, 2018 Tarcher Perigee
4. Antonio Damasio. The Strange Order of Things; Life, Feeling and the Making of Cultures.

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