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Mindfulness Resources

Meditation app: 
Insight Timer is a free app where you can try out a variety of guided meditations by Adele and numerous other meditation teachers.  

- Catalyst Series 20 The Mindfulness Experiment in iview researches some outcomes on participants during an MBSR course in Sydney in 2018.
- MBSR also features in the 2020 Shannon Harvey's award winning documentary My Year of Living Mindfully

Openground for information on MBSR

Science behind Mindfulness

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Centre

AMRA American Mindfulness Research

When Science meets mindfulness (Harvard research)

Benefits of Mindfulness (Harvard research) 

The science behind mindfulness (Openground)

Articles on Mindfulness (The Conversation)

How mindfulness works - and changes the brain's architecture (ABC Science)

Stress, Meditation, Yoga and the Brain Sara Lazar PhD (

Therapy Resources

IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy, please click here for further information or for more detail:  First 2 chapters of Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model book by founder Dick Schwartz

ACT Therapy (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), please click here for further information

MiCBT (Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)please click here for further information

Complex Trauma

Complex Trauma talkAdele prepared the folowing half hour PowerPoint with audio talks for GP's and allied health on Complex Trauma. Click here. for Dropbox link. Please feel free to forward on to anyone who might find this informative or interesting. This link also leads to a patient handout written by Adele named "Trauma and its effect on brain networks".

If you prefer Vimeo here are the links: 

Complex Trauma for GP's audiovisual

Complex Trauma for Allied Health audiovisual