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Explain Pain

Butler and Moseley's Explain Pain kicked off a revolution in therapeutic neuroscience education and has become the go to pain bible for clinicians and sufferers alike. Explain Pain is an exciting new perspective on pain that, by understanding it, can actually change our experience of pain, especially chronic pain. 

Dr Adele trained in Explain Pain under David Butler and gave a very well received talk to practice patients in January 2020 which she has now made into a series of Powerpoint with audio modules.

Dr Adele has an interest in the psychological aspects of chronic pain and is very happy to see patients for individually tailored long appointments. She has a particular interest in Chronic Pelvic Pain.


Making an Explain Pain appointment: 

It is strongly recommended that prior to making an appointment for an Explain Pain consultation that you gradually work your way through the modules and take notes about what is applicable to you in particular and any questions that might come up. 

Please make a 60 minute appointment with Dr Adele Stewart for an initial Explain Pain consultation. Up to four sessions are often required. Costs will vary but the out of pocket cost is around $60 ($40 for card holder/pensioners) per consultation. 


Explain Pain audiovisual modules & online course: 

Please Click here for the resources page to view these on Vimeo for no cost. These can be freely forwarded to any interested people

From time to time Adele runs these as 5 week 1.5 hour onine courses on a Tuesday or Saturday. Cost is by donation - the suggestion is to pay what you think the course is worth within your means

Other Resources:


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 Donations go towards subsidising the formal, more expensive meditation courses such as MBSR, MiCBT and MSC. 


To be kept informed on future courses:

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Explain Pain 2022 course resources:

For videos of the sessions already completed please see WhatsApp or contact Adele directly for the password to open the links. Other links are freely accessible for anyone. 

Explain Course session videos. 

Session 1 video

Session 2 video

Session 3 video

Session 4 video

Session 5 video

Trauma and Pain Adele 3 min video

Twin peaks, flare ups and bioplasticity Adele 7 min video

Brainman stops his opioids

Movement practices videos:

Chair yoga Adele 33 minutes

Progressive muscular relaxation Adele 14 mins 

Mindful movement (Joint rotations & qigong) Adele 30 mins

Somatic tracking meditations:

Somatic tracking for pain intro Adele 4 mins

Somatic tracking for pain guided Adele 13 mins


Somatic tracking for insomnia intro Adele 3mins


Somatic tracking for insomnia Adele 14 mins


Research studies: 

Recent pain reprocessing therapy study


Protectometer and DIM SIM's handout

Protective systems of the body handout

Twin peaks, flare ups and bioplasticity handout Adele


Explain Pain – David Butler and Lorimer Moseley (2013) – Further explanation on Chronic Pain in general – available from

Heal Chronic Pain. The way out. Alan Gordon