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Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBI's) 

Dr Adele Stewart

Dr Adele Stewart MBBS FRACGP has been a GP for 30 years in the Illawarra. Adele is registered to provide focussed psychological strategies and practices in a trauma sensitive framework. She has a special interest in complex trauma and the psychological aspects of chronic pain particularly Chronic Pelvic Pain. Adele has had extensive training in Internal Family Systems therapy at the IFS institute, Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) Therapy under Dr Russ Harris, and Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MiCBT) under Bruno Cayoun. Click here for more information on one-on-one therapy.
She also has undertaken study in Explain Pain with co-founder David Butler. 
Adele did her first 10 day silent meditation retreat in 1987 and in the last 15 years or so has done yearly week long silent retreats and has been increasingly absorbed in yoga, qigong and mindfulness meditation practices. She offers a down to earth, engaging and compassionate attitude to teaching mindfulness. Adele is a certified MBSR teacher trained by the Mindfulness Training Institute - Australia and New Zealand and runs MBSR courses on Saturday afternoons at the medical practice. She is proud to be an associate of Openground. and finds the MBSR courses as both a participant and teacher increase the meaning and richness of daily life as well as building a wonderful sense of connection. 


Although she does not currently take on new General Practice patients, visitors to the Practice for Mindfulness Based Intervention's (MBI’s) and chronic pelvic pain consults are welcome. Any patient is welcome to make a one off brief appointment with no out of pocket cost to discuss their suitability for any of the MBI's.

Please note that Dr Adele is encouraging her pre-existing General Practice patients to choose a second GP at the practice as her increasing focus on MBI's will continue to reduce her general availability. 


You might want to check out a 2020 interview with Adele about her involvement in teaching mindfulness with Ruth Kent, mindfulness coach from Sunrise Well.

Complex Trauma talk

Adele recently prepared the folowing half hour PowerPoint with audio talks for GP's and allied health on Complex Trauma. Click here. Please feel free to forward on to anyone who might find this informative or interesting. This link also leads to a patient handout written by Adele named "Trauma and its effect on brain networks". If you prefer the talks on Vimeo, head over to the Mindfulness resources page. 

Guided meditations

Insight Timer is a free app where you can try out a variety of guided meditations by Adele and numerous other meditation teachers.  


Here are tons of resources on Mindfulness and Explain Pain.