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Woonona Medical Practice is proud to be a member of the Australian Menopause Society.

Doctor Katherine Kent has a special interest in women’s health in general but also is particularly excited to have a dedicated clinic for women’s health in the peri menopause and midlife period.

We recognise that all women are affected by the menopause in some way and this is a time of your life where support from holistic and supportive medical professionals is essential for physical and mental wellbeing to help with immediate symptoms but also to optimise health into the future.

The average age of menopause in Australia is around 51 years but some women may experience symptoms of menopause at a younger age for various reasons. The symptoms of menopause may last many years in some cases.

Symptoms may be physical or psychological, they may involve problems or changes with your sexual health and functioning, they frequently cause vaginal or bladder changes. 

We also address general health that may be affected by menopausal hormonal changes such as heart health and bone health.  We advise and prescribe on contraception and sexual health concerns.

We practice up to date evidence based medicine but also are have a holistic slant in our clinics.

To ensure we cover everything in our comprehensive service we offer an initial 45 minute appointment followed by at least one review appointment. Private consultation fees apply for these appointments.


Please note: Bioidentical hormone therapy refers to compounded products which are marketed as hormones that are identical to those produced by the body.

The production of these products is not subject to the regulatory conditions of approved pharmaceutical products for patient safety we do not prescribe these at WMP.

Please click here for additional information on these products


General Practitioners with Special Interest in menopause: