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Medical Terminations

The doctors at Woonona Medical Practice understand that life does not always go to plan. If you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant and need to discuss the options available to you, don't hesitate to call and make an appointment. 

Should a termination of pregnancy (abortion) be the right choice for you at the time, then we can help you through the process. Some of our doctors are trained to prescribe MS2step, the medication used for medical termination of pregnancy (when medication brings on a process similar to a miscarriage). You do have to be less than 9 weeks pregnant for this to be possible. We are also able to discuss with you options for surgical termination of pregnancy. 

If you are considering a medical termination of pregnancy, please call our reception staff and say that you want an MS2step appointment so we can book you in appropriately.

You will need an initial appointment where we would organise some tests and discuss what to expect, a second appointment where we review the results and prescribe the medication, and a third appointment where we check everything has gone to plan.

If you normally attend another medical practice and your doctor is sending you to see us, we do need the following tests to be done before we are able to prescribe the medication:

  • Ultrasound of pelvis
  • Blood tests ( FBC, HCG, blood group and antibodies), and a urine test for chlamydia.

If your usual GP has referred you to us without all these tests being done, we are happy to refer you for them, but attending your initial appointment with them done already does make the process quicker for you.


Doctors at Woonona Medical Practice who are trained to prescribe MS2step: