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Explain Pain Resources

Explain Pain audiovisual modules based on Dr Adeles January 2020 talk: 

Please click here to access the four 30 minute Explain Pain modules for no cost in Dropbox format. These can be freely forwarded to any interested people. 

If you prefer Vimeo here are the links:
Explain pain module 1
- Explain pain module 2 
Explain pain module 3
- Explain pain module 4 


Explain Pain – David Butler and Lorimer Moseley (2013) – Further explanation on Chronic Pain in general – available from

The Explain Pain Handbook Protectometer – David Butler and Lorimer Moseley – available from (Dr Adele will suggest you purchase this if you do Explain Pain consultations with her.)


NOI group website

Recognise App  (may be recommended by Dr Adele)


Lorimer Moseley famous TED talk


TED talk by Mark Bowden on how to improve your body language 


‘YOU CAN CHANGE YOU!’ absolute motivation video  - The Amazing transformation fo Army veteran doing Yoga 


A World of Hurt podcast with Annie O'Connor (check out the Lamp analogy of how pain works right near the end)


Curable app


Chronic Pelvic Pain Resources

Chronic Pelvic Pain page

Vimeo links:
Chronic Pelvic Pain Module 1 
Chronic Pelvic Pain Module 2 

Other Chronic Pelvic Pain resources