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Drug and Alcohol

Excessive drug and alcohol use may have a detrimental impact on your physical and psychological health, but also affect your social and emotional well-being. The effect that drug and alcohol dependency may have on your relationships can be quite devastating, and may even drive your loved ones to breaking point.

Awareness of how alcohol or drug misuse has affected your life and the people you love is a powerful moment of opportunity for change to occur. Taking the step to seek advice may even start improving your relationships, as it demonstrates to your loved ones that you are committed to making positive changes in your life.

At Woonona Medical Practice we have a team of experienced doctors and psychologists who offer substance abuse and alcohol counselling, including Dr John Harvey, Dr Stephen Lyon, Dr Ella Cameron and clinical psychologists Soraya Issa and Simon Jakes. Our team can offer counselling at the practice as well as referrals to specialist residential and non-residential rehabilitation and detox programs. 

Our practice offers services to patients with a range of medical and psychiatric conditions, including those with a forensic history or patients on parole. We are also able to offer consultations to patients in the Alcohol Interlock Program. 

General Practitioners and Psychologists with Special Interest in Drug and Alcohol Treatment:

Simon Jakes

p. 0411 073 870
Clinical Psychologist

Soraya Issa

p. 0413 428 547
Clinical Psychologist