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Chronic Pelvic Pain Resources

Chronic Pelvic Pain Questionnaire for bringing to appointment 

Pelvic Pain Dropbox

Dr Adeles Pelvic Pain Dropbox containing patient handouts and audios for pelvic floor relaxation and stretches and mindful pelvic yoga

Pelvic pain Audiovisual modules

Here are Dr Adele's two 40 minute Explain Pain Chronic Pelvic Pain modules for no cost on Vimeo. These can be freely forwarded to any interested people. 
- Chronic Pelvic Pain Module 1 
Chronic Pelvic Pain Module 2 

Other links


Shelly Prosko – does fabulous Yoga for pelvic health. Click here. 


Jilly Bond website and youtube for amazing Painful Bladder Syndrome/ Interstitial Cystitis resources


General Explain Pain Resources

Dr Adele's Explain Pain audiovisual modules: 

These can be freely forwarded to any interested people. They can be very useful to view prior to the Chronic Pelvic Pain modules. 

Vimeo links:

Click here for further Explain Pain Resources