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New Patient Information

Fees & Duration

It can take some time for the doctor to develop a comprehensive understanding of patients' current health needs. It is therefore encouraged that new patients make a longer appointment lasting 30 minutes to allow the doctor enough time to properly address any issues or concerns. This often means that a higher fee will need to be paid at the conclusion of the consultation. For more information about our practice fees click here.

Available Services

New patients will need to make an appointment with a doctor and pay the associated fee before accessing the following services:

  • Travel Vaccination
  • Immunisations
  • Injections
  • Health Assessments
  • Infusions
  • Procedures
  • Wounds/sutures/dressings


On arrival, patients will be asked to fill out a 'New Patient Form' available at reception. Please bring your Medicare and any other concession cards with you. To save time on the day, this form can be accessed using the link below, completed and given to reception upon arrival.

Download New Patient Information Form



Test Results

It is the resposibility of the patient or their guardian to follow up on test results. Please do not assume that any test results are normal just because you haven't heard from the practice. Please call for results after 3.00pm.

  1. During your consult, the doctor will have outlined the length of time it will take for results to be available.
    • This varies depending on the nature of the test.
  2. Call the reception desk once your results are available.
    • Reception staff will only call you if your doctor has indicated you require a follow up appointment or further investigation.
    • The doctor will contact you directly if the matter is urgent.
  3. Our reception staff will tell you what the doctor has said about your result after confirming your identity.
    • For your privacy, reception staff are not able to access the test report.
    • If you wish to obtain a copy of the report, you may ask the reception staff to request your doctor print a copy for you to collect. 

Patients over the age of 16 years should call to obtain their results. Alternatively, the patient may authorise another person to receive the result on their behalf as long as they are with the patient at the time of the call. In both cases, the patient will be asked to confirm their identity.